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Entering the Awards

More information will appear on the web site in the next few months regarding YDA 2018. In the meantime, please email for further information.

Entering the Y Design Awards is easy.

As we judge all submissions based upon predominantly creative criteria (i.e. the look and feel of your work), we do not require much background information from you to accept your submission. In fact, it shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes per submission to enter the awards.

You will need to provide the following information when you submit your piece of work for consideration:


  • Full company contact information:
  • Organisation Name
  • Address
  • Town/City
  • Zipcode
  • Main telephone number
  • Company URL
  • Two different contact names and contact details:
  • Primary contact name
  • Job title
  • Direct telephone number
  • Primary email address
  • Secondary contact name
  • Job title
  • Direct telephone number
  • Secondary email address
  • The title of your submission(s)
  • The client name (if applicable)
  • The lead designer’s name
  • Target audience for submission
  • The relevant categories you are entering the submission into
  • A current URL to link to the submitted work (or multiple URLs if submission is a multi-part campaign)
  • A screenshot of the submission (80 dpi, max 800x600, min 200x150)
  • Your company logo (80 dpi, max 800x600, min 200x150)
  • Up to 200 words about the piece of work including why you adopted the approach you took, how successfully you feel it reflected the brief and why the submission should win a Y Design Award for outstanding creativity, originality and digital design.
  • Is your submission for a:
  • Single Piece of Work
  • Campaign

If you require any more clarification regarding this information, please email Jonathan Jones at

By submitting the above information, you are officially submitting your application and signifying that:

You have read the Privacy Policy and Site Use Policy that are resident on our website and that you agree to the terms contained therein.

You have read our Criteria and agree and understand that we are going to evaluate your submission based upon our criteria.

If you receive an award you will not deface, resize or otherwise change our award graphic in any manner whatsoever. We will provide you with a thumbnail version if you so require on request.

As the applicant you are the owner, designer or webmaster of the site you are applying for an award and that the information you have sent us is accurate to the best of your knowledge

You will display the award, if one is earned, either on the actual website evaluated or on the designers website with a clear indication the award is for the specific submission evaluated.

You give us permission to evaluate and copy for evaluation and promotional purposes only, any aspect of your submission.

If you are in disagreement with our evaluation you agree not to be abusive in your further contact with us. We will listen to your query and if required will look at your site further. If you feel you have been wronged by our program then you agree to take your complaint to any one or all of the governing bodies that we are members of and to whose ethics we ascribe to.

If an award is earned you give us permission to create and display a screenshot of the evaluated submission and any text or images for promotional purposes within our own website, and on partners/sponsors’ sites if relevant.

If you do not agree with the above terms, then please stop your submission now by closing your browser window.

Once your application is submitted and you will be sent to confirmation email with username and temporary password to your online account which will have further information.

Good Luck!

Y Design Awards

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