y design awards

YDA Awards Night

The 2018 Winners Party will take place in February 2019.

The awards party is essentially an opportunity to meet, socialize and network with like-minded colleagues and competitors who share a common passion for excellent digital design.

All the entries agencies will receive three free tickets to the awards party.

Judging Process

All work submitted during the open submissions period will be considered for an award, provided it meets the eligibility requirements.

Upon completion of the open submissions period (December 15 - January 15,), submitted work will be referred to a panel of judges. These judges will then mark each submission under each category heading over the following week before selecting one winner per category, the one who has secured the highest overall marks against the judging criteria.

The finalists will be announced, during the February 2018 Winners Party and will be listed on the Y Design Awards 2018 site.

If you have any questions, please email YDA at

Y Design Awards

Recognizing and celebrating leading creative talents demonstrated through the use of digital technology.