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The Entry Process

Who is eligible to enter The Y Design Awards?

The Y Design Awards is open to all organizations and individuals involved in the process of developing & designing online content using HTML5. Please check the category list for eligibility. The online work entered must have been in general use for at least part of calendar year and be currently available on the Internet during the competition.

When are the deadlines for entering?

The Y Design Awards competition deadline is located on our website each year for your convenience.

Can I change or withdraw my entry after submission?

You cannot change or withdraw your entry once you have submitted it online.

How do I submit my entry?

Entering the Y Design Awards is easy. All entrants must submit entries online through a secure account that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

How can I be sure you have received my entry?

After submitting your work you will see a confirmation page noting your entry and you will also receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your entry. If you do not receive an email confirmation within twenty four hours, please email jonathan.jones@ydesignawards.com

Do you have to be based in the United States to participate?

Yes, the Y Design Awards is only open to US based organizations.


Which category should I enter?

We have designed categories to allow participants to choose an entry category that best fits their organization and piece of work. There can be overlap in some of the categories and it is up to the entrant to choose which is most appropriate for that particular entry. A piece of work can be entered to multiple categories as appropriate. If a site is entered in multiple categories, it may win multiple times. The Y Design Awards reserves the right to move entries to other categories if it is clearly appropriate to do so.

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, although our judges will evaluate your entry based on the parameters of each appropriate category.


How do you pick the judges for your competitions?

HThe panel of 5 judges is selected from experienced professionals within the Design industry

Can you explain how the sites are judged?

Please see judging process and scoring.

Is it possible to receive the judges rating and comments for my site?

Yes, all submissions will be provided with their marks and comments from judges after the judging process has taken place.

Winning an Award

How many entrants win Y Design Awards?

For each of the 10 categories, the judges will select four (4) finalists which represent the four best in the category. Out of the finalists, one (1) Winner will be selected and will win the Y Design Award in that specific category. Additionally, the online community, through a public vote, will also select a Winner from all the submissions in the ‘People’s Choice’ category.

What do I get if I win a Y Design Award or if my site is chosen as a finalist?

To help promote achievement, the Y Design Awards provides its winners with an award trophy and an icon for the winners' Web sites or publications. Finalists will receive an awards certificate and an icon for their websites as well. All Winners and finalists will also be included on the Y Design Awards web site.

Can I buy additional Y Design Awards trophies and certificates for members of my team, clients and others if I win?

Yes. Please contact Jonathan Jones at jonathan.jones@ydesignawards.com after the Awards party.

Do you hold an event that we have to attend to receive our award?

Yes, the Y Design Awards holds an annual celebration to announce its Winners. The invite-only awards celebration is a major media event where you get to rub elbows with other winners and the industry's foremost professionals. Winners do NOT need to attend to receive their awards, although many do attend.

What promotion is done for the winners?

The winners will receive press coverage from both our media partners, New Age Digital Media , and through PR activity by the organizers of the competition to other relevant industry media.


How can I sponsor the Y Design Awards?

If you are interested in being considered as a sponsor of the Y Design Awards, please contact Jonathan Jones at jonathan.jones@ydesignawards.com.

Can I rent the list of Y Design Awards entrants or Winners?

No. We do not rent or sell our entrant or winner lists.

For questions or comments related to the Y Design Awards, please email Jonathan Jones at jonathan.jones@ydesignawards.com.

Y Design Awards

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