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What We're Looking For

The Y Design Awards’ primary goal is to recognize and promote excellence in digital creativity & design. Online projects require many skills to be applied for true excellence to emerge. This year the judges will be awarding pieces that, by achieving a balance between these core skills, provide a truly excellent creative experience for the user, regardless of subject matter or platform. The judges will look at the following when considering submissions:

The underlying strategy

Why was the project created? What is the concept? What are you trying to achieve? What problem are you attempting to solve and, in the opinion of the judges, did you solve it?

The creative idea

Is it actually interactive or just online? Is it using the chosen medium to good effect? Is it original or innovative or just a rehash of ideas in another medium? Has it really been thought through?

The quality of production

How well has the project been put together? What is the quality of visual and technical design? Did the concept translate into an effective design? Does it work as expected or does it contain bugs? Is it easy to use (good usability and information architecture)? Does it meet accessibility or web standards guidelines?

The level of user experience

How well does it fulfill its purpose? Does it inform, educate or entertain? How enjoyable was it to use? What depth of immersion was there?

Other criteria used may include:

Technical sophistication, playability, video integration, backend/database integration, interface design, composition/layout, graphic quality, story development, integration of image/type/movement/sound, typography, navigation, writing, art direction, features, interactivity, functionality, overall effectiveness, overall usability & overall experience.

For questions or comments related to the Y Design Awards, please email Jonathan Jones at

Y Design Awards

Recognizing and celebrating leading creative talents demonstrated through the use of digital technology.